COVID-19 was not easy for anyone, from the tremendous human toll, to psychological distress, from job losses and businesses shutting down. But thankfully we can now start to see the light after tunnel.

Cinetix Productions is proud to be able to get back in business, after a tough period we are now more than ever ready to bring you back the level of professionalism clients have been enjoying since 2006. It is time to enjoy events again: weddings, trade shows; and it is time to let your business shine with either a social medias video, corporate video for your website or a commercial.

Getting back to normal

Getting back to normal means being able to have your dream wedding with 100, 150 or 200+ guests. Getting back to normal means being able to attend, in person, a trade show or a conference. Getting back to normal means being able to interact with people, the way human beings are meant to: in person! In this re-opening era, Cinetix Productions is there for you for all your videography and photography needs. Thank you for your business!

Smart Duvet commercial by Cinetix Productions

Corporate Videos and Commercials

We offer a professional and concise approach that is used to present your company or product in its best light. Whether it is a keynote address, trade show or media to be used on the web as well as on TV we will use a high quality capture to prepare video & photos that addresses your requirements. Commercial TV spot, print media, instructional video, product launch & end of year party; we will adopt a style to suit your function.

Immortalize your Wedding with a beautiful video and photos. The most special event of all requires the greatest attention to detail.

Olivier Chagnon, on directing:

I see the director's job as being the storyteller, holding all the aspects of the film, to entertain the audience. This key role is what I like to do, and want to do as a full time job. The director is like the magnet responsible for the quality of a film. I keep this in my mind and try to have the best quality out of any production.

Wedding Videos

Watch our examples of wedding videos